Date: 20th June 2017 at 6:37pm
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Nosey Barstool checks out Latics’ new look site.

Yes, I have collected approximately £100 in pennies from vaguely design-related activities. I believe that I, Nosey Barstool, have certainly earned the right to brand myself a designer for the purposes of this article.

I am an advocate of Windows XP, and not just because I still can’t afford to upgrade my system after 14 years. I use the ‘Microsoft Sam’ speech-to-text voice for all my illicit dealings with call centre scam artists. Also, the USB ports are broken and I can’t transfer anything to other computers.

But this new mobile friendly version of a once-bloated sardine can of a homepage lifts so much unnecessary baggage from my ailing computer’s dust-ridden shoulders. Hundred foot high overlay advertisements for orange glucose drink, while undoubtedly hilarious, were driving my system to an irreparable blue screen of (sugary) death.

The new site appears to be running in the same ‘engine’ as the EFL official website, a refreshingly uncomplicated combination of and All links are chunky and eminently clickable, and content is given appropriate space in relation to commercial placements.

And oh yeah, it actually works without the Ad Blocker addon turned up beyond 120%! Oh be still, my beating Pentium II.

Of course, not everything is fully optimised at this early stage. We at Vital Wigan Industries are willing to overlook minor formatting glitches… but if they’re still present after 6 months we’ll be sending Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen round with a pot of paint and a few glow sticks.

And to the art farts among you, like that weird teletext art guy, I say this: well-designed generic soccer club website templates are fifty times better than poorly designed ones. Who do you think we are, ‘Moneybags’ Megacity One FC or something?

Nosey Barstool,
Keeping cool in the freezer aisle at Poundsavah,
20 June 2017

PS. Please send your unwanted Windows 8 systems.