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A popular feature on Vital Latics throughout this season, we will hopefully be getting the views of a `few’ of the opposition fans on Wigan Athletic, so with a visit to the DW Stadium for Tottenham Hotspur this weekend, it was time to meet some Spurs fans.

So with seven simple questions posed let’s take a look at the responses:

1. How long have you supported Spurs?
2. Who is your best player?
3. Who do you think is Wigan’s best player?
4. What is your perception of Wigan Athletic?
5. What do you think the score will be?
6. What do you think will be your final league position?
7. What do you think will be Wigan’s final league position?

The Corner Pin
1. 32 years.
2. Too tough to call.
3. Rodellega.
4. A small club with a great chairman.
5. 0-2. (sorry)
6. 4th.
7. 17th.

Tarrico the yid
1. 20 years
2. King
3. Rodallega
4. Not enough support ( due to being a RL Town)
5. 1-3
6. 4th
7. 15th

1. About 20 years.
2. Modric
3. Rodellaga perhaps
4. A decent, honest little project, but ultimately futile because you are and always will be a rugby town.
5. 3-0 Spurs, sorry.
6. Hopefully 4th.
7. Hopefully comfortably clear of relegation, there arw more deserving teams

1. 23 years and 2 months
2. Modric
3. I think it will be Crusat after this season.
4. We seem to have a decent record V Wigan so i quite like them 🙂 Plus a decent manager & chairman!
5. 1-2
6. 4th
7. 16th

1 45 years
2 Modric but Sandro will be something to see this season
3 Heskey! came a coupla seasons back and enjoyed the ‘he used to shite but now he’s alright’ chant. Now its every Wigan player that doesn`t score
4 about 35 miles west from here and good pies
5 you beat us last time I went but I think you’re in for a hammering this time. Maybe 1-4
6 technically 3rd, probably 5th
7 tough one, PL is busy. maybe 12th?

Devon Spur
1. 17 years
2. Modric
3. Chris Kirkland
4. Alright. Hardly a fan to speak of so no perception on them, Whelan’s alright but you’ve outlived your stay in the PL imo.
5. 1-5
6. 3rd
7. 18th.

1) 42 years
2) Modric
3) Rodallega
4) They find it hard to compete with Rugby League
5) 1-2
6) 3rd or 4th
7) 12th

1. 21 years
2. Van Der Vaart (when fully fit)
3. McCarthy – great player
4. play good football at times with great young manager, good supporting chairman but struggles to fill the stadium a lot
5. 1-3
6. 4th (hopefully)
7. 13th

1. Conception.
2. We have more than one.
3. Rodellga (even with his injury).
4. Egg chasers with wonga.
5. Arrive Wigan, check in, find a pub, find the DW, cheer voraciously each time we score, leave DW sated, find pub again.
6. Somewhere in the bottom 20.
7. I have no wish to depress you.

1. 30 Years
2. King when he plays and Modric
3. Rodellega or McCarthy
4. A Likeable club with a good manager and Chairman.
5. 0-2
6. 4th
7. 15th

1; 35yrs
2; King & Modders
3; Rodellega
4; Decent enough & honest club & certainly rather see them stay up than others
5; 1-4
6; 4th
7; 16th
Good luck (apart from the 2 Spurs matches) =0)

1. 40 yrs
2. Modric
3. McCarthy
4. good footballing team
5. 1-2
6. 3rd
7. 11th

Dave the Yid
1. 21 Years (ish)
2. Assou-Ekotto (but Sandro is the one to watch out for)
3. Big fan of Sean Maloney, but of the proven ones, has to be Al Habsi
4. Plenty of potential. A manager with great ambitions but perhaps not the backing he’d want. Always a side in the shadow of the Rugby team…
5. Wigan 0-2 Spurs
6. Right now, 4th
7. Will be a tough one. I’ve always liked Wigan as a team to watch for a neutral, but its getting difficult in the bottom half these days. Possibly 16th?

1. How long have you supported Spurs? About 16 years.
2. Assou-Ekotto.
3. Rodellega.
4. Decent team, good manager, good chairman.
5. Wigan 0 – 2 Spurs.
6. 3rd or 4th.
7. 16th/17th

1. About 36 years.
2. King
3. Rodallega
4. Poor attendances , solid chairman
5. Wigan 0 – 1 Spurs.
6. 4th.
7. Survive in PL ( just !! )

1. 55 years
2. Benny (Assou Ekotto) for sheer devotion to duty.
3. Rodellega?
4. When you had Martinez – good. Now? – I wish you well for the future, I hope you stay up (don’t mean to be offensive with that)
5. 3-0 Spurs
6. 3rd hopefully, injuries permitting.
7. 18th.

1. -25 yrs
2. –Benny (BAE) for being the most stable Left Back in the league.
3. –Rodellega
4. –I think Wigan is a club that does extremely well with what they have. I think they will stay up this year.
5. –Spurs are rolling right now…I will say 3-0 but it could be more
6. –if we maintain our current form, I will say 3rd
7. -17th or 18th

1) 7 years
2) Modric
3) Rodellega
4) A small & friendly family club
5) Spurs 3-1
6) 5th
7) 15th

1) 26 years
2) King obviously
3) Rodallega but I do like that Di Santo lad
4) Peas, pies and gravy
5) Spurs to win 2-0
6) 5th
7) 13th -15th

1. How long have you supported Spurs? 52 years
2. Ledley King
3. Hugo Rodallega
4. Tough survivors in the PL
5. 1-2
6. 4th
7. 14th

Real Deal
1. How long have you supported Spurs? 27 years
3. Rodallega
4. Well run club. Good chairman, good young manager. Crap attendances.
5. 1-3
6. If our best players stay fit, 4th. If not 5th.
7. 17TH.

1. About 30 years.
2. King
3. Di Santo
4. Good chairman and manager but will always struggle with so many PL teams nearby + competition from RL.
5. Wigan 2 – 2 Spurs.
6. 6th.
7. 11th

Thank you very much for the candid answers, if you are coming up on Saturday, have a safe and enjoyable trip, but obviously I hope all your match predictions are wrong, nice talking, enjoy the rest of your season after Saturdays disappointment 😉

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