Date: 13th February 2010 at 10:25am
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Ever wondered what its like to be a mascot at Wigan Athletic? Well yeah you do run out with the team at the start of the game and shake hands with the visiting captain, but what about the other stuff, what else do you do and what does it feel like.

Vital Latics have been lucky enough for one of our members and regular posters Jordan Griffiths, better known as wigan-latics on Vital, to be chosen as a mascot for the Wigan Athletic Vs Stoke City game last Tuesday and he has compiled a report for us on his evening with the lads in the blue and white striped shirts, over to you Jordan:

So it all starts in the South Stand lounge.

I had to be there a full 2 hours before the game; it was 5:45 when I arrived. I received a gift bag filled with a match programme, team poster, certificate, pen, sticker and a badge.

I found myself waiting there for the Stoke City mascot for about 20 minutes, when he arrived we were taken to the far corner of the of the south stand lounge and went through a door and it started to get colder and colder until we ended up outside!

We were then taken back inside on the West side through a maze of corridors and doors until we got to the dressing room doors, unfortunately with my luck, the manager wasn`t ready yet, giving his team talk. So we went out into the pitch black stadium and went onto the pitch in the dark which was very cool!

When we went back inside we were taken to an area were we sat on some leather seats and I sat where Martinez would usually sit! We had a group photo. Martinez eventually finished his team talk so we were allowed into the dressing room and we were just told to have a wander round and get signatures. I saw Kirkland and Pollitt so I got theirs first, Kirkland then went into this cubical thing but the door wasn`t shut so you could see him having all of his back massaged.

I went around the dressing room; the players were not looking at what they were signing they were just talking to each other, that is apart from Paul Scharner who didn`t seem to have any friends but he still gave a huge grin on his photo with me. Victor Moses and Charles N`Zogbia seem to have already made friends, they were getting along very well, just before we had to go I spotted Ben Watson so I got his too.

I had a last look and I noticed that Jason Scotland wasn`t there, so I thought he wasn`t playing. I was so happy and then I turned around and there was this massive board with Scotland the only one written in capitals as if it was just to annoy every one. The manager`s official tactics for that game from the board were 4-2-3-1.

So we went out and Rodders was late and I just managed to get his signature before Martinez appeared out of his own luxurious room and he was quite cool asking everyone what the score was going to be and asking if we were all ok.

We then went up what seemed like a 1000 steps to the top of the West Stand. While the late away mascot got to use the lift!

First off we went into the 188 Lounge for a ‘mascot parade` and the compare there was picking on the Stoke mascot calling him names and really giving him some stick, good job his parents weren`t there!

We went into the other lounges and got introduced in them as well. I was then taken back to the down stairs lounge and we met back up with my dad, we were shown the cells under the West Stand, there was a 5 year old was crying for his mum because he thought he was going to get locked up.

Finally match time arrived, we lined up just before the tunnel waiting for the players the referee came and I booed him and he gave me the evils and the person who was escorting me said ‘don`t boo the ref!` So we were waiting and suddenly Kirkland appears and he is massive!!!!!!! Followed by the rest of the players.

We didn`t get to pick the player we wanted; we just got put with a player in size order. So now….. after the big letters with Scotland on the board you can probably guess who I got …..yes it was Jason Scotland! Even after crossing my fingers I still got him!

I was at the back of the line of players and as the announcer says welcome to the DW Stadium you can here to roar of the crowd which is amazing! As I came out the tunnel I could see my dad, my brother, my granddad and a load of empty seats!!

Scotland was wearing these really fluffy gloves! I think I rubbed some of my magic on him because I saw him win his first ball in the air this season I can remember.

Was it a day to remember it? You bet it was, it was really good! I thoroughly enjoyed it and I have a signed top as a souvenir!

Well thanks for the fascinating insight Jordan, it sounds like a really interesting experience.

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