Date: 14th March 2017 at 1:07pm
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During the past five months I have witnessed the soul being sucked out of our football club, listless, uninventive football dragging us down to League 1 with the manager unwilling or unable to get the side playing with an attacking intent.

Without a doubt the problem was the manager, his ultra cautious approach, even against relegation rivals, eventually cost him his job, Warren Joyce simply ‘didn’t get’ Wigan Athletic.

A football club is its supporters, they live and breathe the club, give it life and are the heart beat, our support may be small in comparison to the Manchester United’s of this world, but it is just as much – nay probably more – passionate, we don’t come from affluent areas, we are working class people, we live without fear, support our club without exception but we expect value for our hard earned money.

No one questioned Joyce’s commitment to work, he gave everything and expected his players to do the same, that was evident, but his style was lacking, his football bland and it did not produce results. Losing on all fronts.

David Sharpe and David Whelan now face the most important decision for two decades at the Latics, with parachute payments ended, financially, the club must now stand on its own feet, with the next managerial appointment they have to get it right.

Giving Graham Barrow the reins until the end of the season surprised a few, but I feel that this is the right way to go about things, can we stop up, would a new boss coming in now make a massive difference? Who knows but I am happy enough for the club to take its time in choosing a new manager rather than jumping in at the deep end and hoping to catch a good one.

First off we are in a perilous position, of the ‘managers’ available at the moment who would risk their reputation taking over a club that, realistically, is odds on to go down? Another Malky Mackay, no thank you, that is one that we must avoid at all costs, there will be candidates in the frame and more to come as we approach the end of the season, let’s take our time and get this one right.

Can we stay up under Barrow? We were going down under Joyce, he’d created almost a vacuum of atmosphere at the DW with the negativity on display, this change may just give us a slight chance, which is much better than no chance, it could give the fans something to grab hold of and get behind, the ball is in our court to get the atmosphere up and running on Saturday against Villa to give the players a boost.

Hopefully we will play with some intent, get forward and support the man on the ball, there are players in the squad that are more than capable at Championship level, they just need to be given the chance to have a go.

Where we end up come May should not be down to the lack of trying over these next nine games, as a club we never throw the towel in and accept the inevitable we fight to the end for our cause, we have had some fantastic victories over the past 20 years with this attitude, playing our way, the Wigan Athletic way, they said it couldn’t be done but we won promotion to the Championship, won promotion to the Premier League, won relegation battles, won the FA cup, competed in the Europa League, let’s get back to doing it our way, we are Wigan Athletic, let’s get the soul back into this club.

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Warren Joyce’s tenure as Latics manager finally ended, now’s the time to get the soul back.

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  • Good stuff,what happened to the meet and greet, come on let’s give it our all over the next few games, there will be a few teams out there who think we will just roll over, we’ll let’s show them!

  • Great post Barry if only WJ had got the midfield to play more adventurous, Good luck GB, hope he gets a good reception on Sat

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