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The 2000 memories series continues, celebrating the Latics hitting 2000 points as a league club in the recent game against Fulham, Vital member Shaun Farrell, better known as fazman to regulars on the site, tells us which game has been the most memorable to him, over to you Shaun:

Latics 1-0 Sunderland

When it came to doing this I decided to sit down and have a good think about some of the most memorable games that I`ve watched over years.

However as I racked my mind I found that many of the games that I remember involved us losing, being robbed or just missing out. Of course there`s the classics like our highest scoring game against Chester City in 1993 (6-3 in case your wondering), 6-1 against Stoke, or the games in the lower league against teams like Forest, Barnsley and Leeds but I`d rather leave them to people that can do them justice and instead I`ll tell you about the day we first picked up points in the Premier League.

Whilst thinking about these games I realised that over the years that I`ve actually been a bit of a bad luck charm for our great team. However I was there when we won our first points, even if I did miss the goal that gave us those points.

Two weeks before I`d taken my seat to watch the first Wigan game in the place I believed since 2002/2003 that we should be (that was the division 2 winning season with that amazing cup run), then was stabbed in the heart as Crespo scored in the last minute after we had more than given the title holders a game. The following Saturday we`d lost to Charlton 1 nil as well and as the table showed (why do they make tables so early nowadays?) we sat in 17th place and in some ways already “certs” for relegation.

However the following Saturday rolled around quickly and we faced the team that had in some ways run away with the Championship the year before but was languishing with us at the bottom of the league Sunderland!

As I made my way to the ground being driven by the missus who was off shopping at Asda I felt myself getting nervous, not for the game but because we were stuck in the longest tailback in the history of Wigan!

We got to Asda at 3.01 and as she was pulling up and I was getting ready to limp to the ground (at this point you have to realise a year earlier in Kos I had a bad Moped crash, ask to see my arm and you`ll see what I mean). Don`t ask me why but I knew what was coming and if any of you remember that day so will you. As I opened the car door to rush to the ground an almighty cheer went up! “What was that?” the missus asked with a look of desolation I turned to her and said “Wigans First Premier League Goal”!

As I got to the ground I found out that it was a Jason Roberts penalty after he was brought down by Gary Breen in the box!

The game was a blur of chances at either end with what many consider to be the best Wigan team of all time just about deserving the 3 points after a fantastic defensive performances whilst having some great chances at the other end of the pitch.

From this game we then went on a fantastic run of form not losing for 9 games and I saw plenty of other Wigan Athletic Premier league goals.

To this day I still feel a mix of emotions thinking about this game. Sad I missed the first goal but happy that I saw us pick up the 3 points.

But most of all I remember anger as I returned to the car and found a lovely parking ticket for using the Asda car park!

Bloody Yanks!

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The Latics Hit 2000 Points Milestone

Wigan Athletic achieved their 2000th point as a league club in the 1-1 draw with Fulham

You must have some fantastic memories of games that we have achieved points in over the years, and you must have a favourite that sticks out, either from the mists of time like that first win against Rochdale or something more recent like breaking our hoodoo against Chelsea, why not jot them down and send them in and Vital Latics will publish them under the heading 2000 Memories.

Send your favourite match memories to 2000 Memories@vital

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