Date: 14th July 2007 at 7:24pm
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Using data that our friends over at Vital Chelsea have produced it is plain to see that the Latics are certainly not the big spenders in the transfer market

With all the talk about a £20 million pound transfer kitty the Latics are lagging well behind.

Big Dave and others may argue that there is no such thing as a free transfer.

Whilst I agree with that the problem is when I am told that I have a set amount to spend on something that`s what I will spend and I don`t take hidden charges into account

So £20 million in the transfer market to me is £20 million in the transfer market

Not for signing on fees and players wages, surely that should be included in the day to day budget of running a Premiership club

Don`t get me wrong I think we have made some excellent signings so far and I know that the window is still open

But I would put my mortgage on the fact that we won`t spend £20 million on transfer fees before August 31st

Anyways enough of my unprovoked rant, for those of you interested here is what Vital Chelsea reckon has been spent by all the Premiership clubs so far:

Manchester United – £52m

Liverpool – £44.8m

Tottenham – £30.5m

Portsmouth – £21.5m

West Ham United – £20.5m

Arsenal – £17.5m

Fulham – £17.5m

Chelsea – £13.5m

Manchester City – £8.8m

Newcastle – £8.8m

Aston Villa – £8.5m

Middlesbrough – £8.5m

Sunderland – £8.5m

Derby – £8.25m

Birmingham – £7.6m

Wigan – £6.05m

Everton – £5.5m

Reading – £1.8m

Bolton – £1m

Blackburn – £0.7m

I see our near neighbours Bolton and Blackburn have really splashed out whilst I find it surprising to find that Fulham have made such a big outlay.

Do you feel that we are spending wisely or is it just Big Dave who is tight?

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