Date: 16th September 2011 at 10:02am
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Sometimes footballers are accused of having no balls, that expression was quite appropriate when aimed at the Latics players this week.

Wigan Athletic found themselves ball-less, well almost, just before the start of training yesterday (Thursday) morning, leaving the majority of the Latics squad standing around and scratching their, erm balls.

Groundstaff at Christopher Park, the clubs training facility, had placed five kit bags containing 12 Nike footballs in each, in the middle of the training pitch, but when the players came out four of the bags had disappeared. Someone had gained access to the pitch through an unlocked gate and made off the booty leaving just one ball sack behind

Speaking to the Daily Mirror someone who they claim observed proceedings said: “One of the groundsmen came over to me and asked if I had seen four bags of balls. He said they had left five bags out but when the players came out, there was only one left.

“It was hilarious. The goalkeepers arrived first, took the one remaining bag and started practice. When the rest of the players arrived, they were just standing around with their hands on their hips. Some of them started wandering about looking for the missing balls.

“When the manager, Mr Martinez arrived, I said to him, ‘Where are the balls?` He said, ‘I don`t know, but the police are on their way.` Later, someone arrived with some replacement balls.”

Sounds like a load of old balls to me

Martinez says “Stop messing around James, go and bring those bloody balls back”

By permission of Bernard Platt/Wigan Athletic

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