Date: 1st April 2009 at 2:33pm
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Vital Latics Exclusive from our Stateside correspondant:

Having apparently become tired of the lack of fan support surrounding the Latics organization, it seems Dave Whelan is finally prepared to sell his stake in Wigan Athletic FC.

A club source says that Whelan, after numerous failed pleas to increase spectatorship for the Latics, and with a newfound energy in promoting his new business, DW Fitness, has tired of his latest footballing adventure and is ready to pass the club on into different hands.

This news comes only six months after Whelan’s most critical statements against the fans of his once-beloved team.

Whelan seemed distressed when stating, ‘When you play Chelsea, and we only have 15,000 of our own there you have to ask ‘Does Wigan deserve a football team?’

‘If people don’t come they will lose a Premier League team. It’s so disappointing.

‘We have built this club up bit by bit from the old Fourth Division – but it’s just not a football town.’

Speculation is rife as to who will take over ownership of the team from Whelan but the leading candidate at the moment is recently-departed AIG CEO Craig ‘Sandy’ McSanders.

McSanders left his job about three months ago after helping drive the company into the ground, but is expected to have enough money saved up between personal salary and bonuses to make a play for a small-market Premier League team.

‘How hard can it be?’ said McSanders, when asked about the prospects of buying a club six weeks ago. ‘I was good friends with Malcolm Glazer when we were sponsoring Manchester United and he seemed to be having an easy enough time at it. I figure it’s a good investment, make some extra money for myself and get to go to a new country in the process.

‘And besides,’
concluded McSanders, ‘what fan base wouldn’t love an American owner?

Dont forget the US is a few hours behind the UK