Date: 27th April 2010 at 10:00pm
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Shaun Farrell continues his series of articles looking back at the 2009/10 season, over to you Faz

Well what a funny season it`s been for the old in and outs and I`m not talking about my love life or Bowel movements so you can forget that joke Phil!

Hard to decide overall whether it`s been good or bad so I suppose the easiest way to look at it is make opinions player to player, I just hope some don`t read it. What am I saying a premier league footballer that can read; well I hope Gomez doesn`t take a look.

Transfers In:

Hendry Thomas. For me and him its been a season of two halves. At the start of the season we were all thinking what a jewel we had found, he was smashing tackles in left right and centre but unfortunately at the same time he was picking up yellow cards like Latham picks up Panini World Cup Stickers. He was obviously replaced by a doppelganger after his ban and didn`t look like the same player.

Jordi Gomez. The championships player of the season the year before and a player that came in with high expectations. He hopefully will be leaving need I say anymore.

Jason Scotland. Goalscorer extraordinaire??.in every league apart from the Premier League. I will say though he has still got my full backing and I do think that next season he is a good bench player that could nick a goal. I know others would disagree with this and would be putting him in the taxi with Jordi but the one thing we have been crying out for all season is goals and given he`s now on the records as a premier league goal scorer he`s better here than elsewhere.

James McCarthy.What can I say about this lad apart from I`m glad we got him before Wolves, Bolton and Liverpool. What a player this lad will grow up to be and I`m tipping him here to be the next Steven Gerrard at Liverpool when we eventually let him leave. The boy has got it all pass, tackle, shot and stamina. Dear god please let us fend off potential suitors for at least the next 2 years as with this lad in our team we will fight every single game. Although not my signing of the season.

Antonio Amaya. Well at the Blackpool game he looked like he had the turning circle of the Isle of Man ferry then in the cup game against Hull he looked calm and assured. I can`t really say too much about him as we haven`t seen enough but I don`t expect him to be dislodging our defence and think he was more of a makeweight in the Diame deal.

Mo Diame. Another contender for signing of the season. This lad is a real diamond with his only flaw being that his stamina is not the best but I suppose we can put that down to his sudden adult death disorder that Whelan`s revealed this week, (can`t help but think that it was spoken about so not to attract any bids because we know he won`t turn down the money) and the cause of his long protracted medical and transfer. Diame is the type of player Arsenal or Man Utd would build their team around knowing that he will always be a anchor and that you`ll never find him lacking. I can say honestly I haven`t seen him have a real bad game unlike many others.

Scott Sinclair. Again I don`t think we have seen the best out of Scott. The first game of the season against Villa he looked like the player we needed to run at defenses however he seemed to find that he was better warming the bench. He`s still a young lad though and if he stays with us rather than going back to Chelsea I expect he should start coming into his own. Plus we get to see more or Rosie Webster! Or I hope we do we haven`t had a real fit wag since Bent and Gemma!

That was the end of our Summer spending but we continued to recruit in January.

The Serb. Im not even going to try spelling his name in case he comes around and murders me. We knew Dracula didn`t like crosses and our Vlads the same, he flaps more than Orville! He seems to be a decent shot stopper but let`s be honest you can see something`s missing upstairs and I`m sure he is like the Monk in Mean Machine. If you`ve seen it you`ll know what I mean!

Victor Moses. Not yet but this lad will be a world-beater. In fact I expect that this time next season we will be talking about who he is going to move to.

Steve Gohouri. Binned out of Borussia Dortmund and turned up here in a Hummer. Up until 2 weeks ago we all thought he was going to be let go at the end of his 6 months contract but I`m sure all of us would now expect us to complete a deal for him. He`s big, powerful and looks like he can play a bit just what we need at the back.

Marcelo Moreno. I`m honestly in two minds with this guy. He can score goals his record shows it but he just can`t find the net at the moment. I do actually believe that if he gets one he will get his confidence back and score a hatful, however for him to score it`s going to have to come off his thigh or bum. His link up play is good and his skills are at a high level I just worry that we take the chance on him and start next season with 2 strikers that can`t score.

I do still believe that he is too good for us though even though it`s a contradiction because some of the passes he has played into space would have been were a Torres, Rooney etc would have been sat waiting to bang the ball in the net. Oh well just a bid for Torres needed!

And here we go my signing of the season Gary Caldwell.

Debatable I know but the one thing we were lacking earlier in the season was leadership and that`s what Gary brought in. I honestly believe that without him being around the team in the second half of the season that we would have been relegated as our defence was shipping goals and no part of the team looked like they were willing to fight to get the results needed. Yes he`s had a couple of stinkers notably Bolton and West Ham but even with his dodgy ban he`s given us a little bit extra.

Transfers Out:

Luis Antonio Valencia: This was always going to happen and since leaving he has set himself up as a strong first teamer at Manchester United so obviously he was a loss but I have to say the form of Zoggy has meant that we haven`t felt it as much as we should of done.

Lee Cattermole: For a few fans this was a shock but some of us in the know knew all about the disrespect being shown by Lee and about him being tapped up (go on Brucey try and deny it). The only shocking thing for me was the poor amount we received for him. I do have to say though he has been a big loss for us this year and only injuries have kept him out of the England team in my opinion.

Michael Brown: I don`t think any of us expected Browny to be leaving the club especially so soon after Cattermole. He`s a player coming to the end of his career but someone that we needed at Wigan in the first half of the season if only for his fight. Plus we were all buzzing when we heard what he did to Cattermole in training.

Marlon King: His transfer to Wormwood Scrubs FC was all his own making and we knew as soon as Gerrard got off that the next footballer in front of the beak was going down for a stretch. To be honest though he did us all a favour because he has to go down as the worst signing we have ever made.

Eric Edman: A player that 2 years ago kept us up till he got a bad injury. It`s just a pity he couldn`t come back from that injury and give his all for us. After the Tottenham game I don`t think there was one fan that would have argued to keep him here but let`s wish him all the best in his future career.

The loonies: I daren`t write about these as I`m scared that they may come back and stay with us. Johnny Depp, Krapo, Deidre and Chinese Alan all prove that you can`t get every buy right the only thing that disappoints me with them leaving is that they didn`t take the bookies favourite player to go with them. As for the kids I`d like to think they will come back stronger but I can`t help but think that 3 months in the Swedish 3rd division wont prepare them for a season in the prem.

Overall you have to accept we`ve got rid of some of the deadwood and brought in some good players and defiantly some players for the future. We can only hope that we continue to find young gems to replace the players Whelan sells and of course find that 15 goals a season striker.

By Fazman

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