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That’s All Folks – It’s A Goodbye From Me

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As I have already announced there will be new guys running Vital Wigan from the 12th May, which obviously means that I will be stepping down as site editor, chief bottle washer and mopper upperer.

I have been at the helm here for the past ten years, a decade of my life, attempting to spread the word of all things Wigan Athletic, our football club which is a massive part of my life.

Running the site has allowed me to make contact, become and remain friends with some lovely people, not just from our town but from all over the world and I will be eternally grateful for this opportunity.

Back in the early days I had tremendous support from Jonathan Fear, the main man at Vital HQ, Jonathan unfortunately is a Villa supporter but we won’t hold that against him, a more supportive and guiding boss would be hard to find, I also want to mention a couple of Vital eds who also helped me with getting this site up and running by way of interacting with comments on our games, interviews and just being helpful and friendly, Merlin from Vital Chelsea and Rug from Vital Pompey, whom I am already looking forward to catching up with next season, thanks chaps for all your help in the early days.

Two people who were quickly on board from ‘our end’ Tom – aka Laticus – and Peter Walker – aka Baskerville – again thank you for your help in getting this site up and running and the forum a place to (or not to) be.

Whilst I am dishing out thanks – Paul Thorp (Thorpyness), Damian Walker (LMB), Pete Reece (NWL), Dan Farrimond, Frank Ford, Kathryn Hodson (Wigan Blue) and Dave Jones (Taff) have all helped with articles and/or charity events and schemes that we have organised down the past ten years making my involvement with Vital Wigan not only enjoyable but also fulfilling.

The charity walks, functions, Wembley and European trips, meet and greets were all great successes and go to prove what a fantastic community we have at the Latics.

Perhaps the most satisfying from a personal point of view was the organising of the ‘top secret’ This Is Your Life tribute night for Emmerson Boyce, I am still unsure how that was pulled off, but it was a great event and gave Boycey the send off he deserved.

I would also like to thank all those who have posted on the forums and articles over the past decade, the debates and discussions can be heated, but we all want the same thing, the best for the Latics.

I have had the pleasure of waffling on about some majestic highs, four years ago today being the biggest with our FA cup win, and some lows – three relegations amongst them, but one thing that I have learned is that supporting a football club is a rollercoaster of emotions and it should be, the lows are what make you cherish the highs for what they really are and not take them for granted.

So it is with something of a heavy heart that I head for the exit door, but the site will benefit from fresh ideas, a great team of writers who have the exuberance of youth to take over from the old fart.

Thank you all once again for taking the time to read my waffle, any arguments not settled I’m in ES7 row M seat 189 come and say hello (picture below so you get the right bloke).

Up the tics!


That’s All Folks – me and my big mate Boycey 😉

Check out the latest PWU Podcast – Summertime

The last podcast of the season.

Leeds at home was an entertaining game as we concluded the season, just a pity there was nothing to play for.

Where did it all go wrong? No need really to go over old ground, let’s hope we’ve learned from our mistakes this season.

It was the EFL Youth Alliance cup final on Tuesday and what a game that was, great to see the kids in action, some good prospects there.

The podcast can be listened to by clicking the embedded player below or downloaded to listen at you leisure by visiting

We are also available on itunes and we have an app for your tablet or mobile, just follow the instructions here

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It's Always A Rollercoaster Ride With The Latics


  • ZAKKY says:

    All the very best Baz good luck mate

  • pompeyrug says:

    All the best Barry, the new ed will do a grand job but Vital isn’t going to be the same without you. Been to Wigan once, maybe twice, over the years WHY haven’t we met up? If I go to the DW next season we’ll certainly catch up for a pint if we can, let me know if you make it to Fratton Park.

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