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A popular feature on Vital Latics throughout this season, we will hopefully be getting the views of a ‘few’ of the opposition fans on Wigan Athletic, so with a visit to Villa Park coming up this weekend ass the Latics take on Aston Villa, it was time to meet some Villains.

So with seven simple questions posed let’s take a look at the responses:

1. How long have you supported Villa?
2. Who is your best player?
3. Who do you think is Wigan’s best player?
4. What is your perception of Wigan Athletic?
5. What do you think the score will be?
6. What do you think will be your final league position?
7. What do you think will be Wigan’s final league position?

1. About 35 years.
2. Shay Given.
3. Don’t know.
4. Punching well above your weight.
5. Hope 1-0 to Villa, but have to say we have so few shots on target this season I wouldn’t bother with a keeper if I was you.
6. Bottom 6.
7. Bottom 6.

1. 50 years come next February 2012.
2. Gabby Agbonlahor and Shay Given, past players too many to mention but – olden days – Bruce Rioch/Willie Anderson
3. I like Al Habsi and Rodallega
4. Being a Wiganer I have a soft spot for them so not a bad word to say at all. I like ’em
5. I hope 3-1 Villa
6. Top 10 – hope for 7/8th
7. I think Wigan will be safe (I hope) and finish around 16th (I hope higher)
Hope that helps- from a Villan from Hindley Green.

1. About 34 years
2. Darren Bent
3. James McCarthy
4. Like the club and the fans, Chairman not so much
5. 0-0 or 1-1 or 2-2 or 3-3
6. 15th
7. 16th

1 Fifty years come February 17th 2012
2 Currently, Gabby Agbonlahor
3 Currently, Hugo Rodallega
4 Well run, poorly supported, lower half at best premier league club, doing continually well to hold onto their top flight membership under the circumstances.
5 2-0 Villa
6 ninth
7 fifteenth

1. Been going to the villa for 14 years since I was 4
2. Shay Given at the moment
3. Rodallega
4. Not one of my top teams but certainly not to be underestimated
5. 2-1 Villa
6. 8th
7. 16th

1. 39 years
2. Gabby Agbonlahor at the moment
3. Shaun Edwards (worbo reply, would yours be Jasper Carrott?)
4. Bottom 6
5. 2-0 Villa
6. 8th
7. 17th

1 Over thirty years
2 Shay Given
3 Sorry, don’t give it any thought.4 It’s got a great name.
5 1-1
6 10th
7 16th

1. 39 years, 36 years since I went to my first game
2. Given
3. Rodallega
4. Bottom half but won’t be relegated
5. 2-1 to Villa
6. 8th
7. 15th

BlackCountry Villa
1. 17 years
2. Shay Given (says a lot when your keeper is your best player)
3. James McCarthy
4. Small club, small support, massively overachieving, our bogey team at home since you came up
5. 0-0 or 1-1
6. 14th
7. 16th

Pride of Lions
1. 46 years
2. Now – Shay Given Past – Brian Little
3. Al Habsi
4. Does well in a strong Rugby League area, but because of this suffers from small crowds.
5. Probably 1-1
6. 15th
7. 17th

1. 28 years
2. Given
3.Hugo Rodallega
4. nice club and as others say, dont like the chairman much, likes the spotlight too much.
5. 2.1 Wigan
6. 12
7. 14

Draig Cymraeg
1. 18 years
2. Shay Given by a country mile
3. Rodallega
4. Like the fans and the club. Always seem to struggle to hold onto the best players. Like Villa in that aspect.
5. 0-0 with around 1 shot on target.
6. I’d take 10th
7. 15th

1. As a regular attendee, 27 years.
2. all things considered, for natural ability: Barry Bannan
3. Hugo Rodallega
4. I think they’re fighting a losing battle in a rugby town, the lack of support will mean that sooner or later they’ll drop back down, but Whelan’s backing is keeping them going for the time being
5. 2-1 to the Villa
6. 9th
7. 14th

1. Since 1987
2. Currently Darren Bent
3. Emile Heskey
4. Shouldn’t even be in the PL if the support and stadium are anything to go by. That said, you’re there.
5. Hopefully a win for Wigan. Preferably a humiliating one so it brings us a step closer to removing Eck and getting rid of Lerner and his footballing inept board. 3-1 Wigan
6. Bottom half, I’d say 14th. Be VERY lucky to finish in the top 10 with this boring defensive minded idiot in charge…
7. Lucky to stay up. Bottom 3 I reckon

1. Since I was 4, I`m now 31, so carry the one, 27 years.
2. I’d say Darren Bent is the most valuable player, but on form I think Gabby A pips him at the moment.
3. Not too in the know about Wigan Athletic but McCarthy and El Habsi seem to be having decent seasons so far.
4. Hard to know, relegation fodder for the past few years, but I think over time they will consolidate and become better, I think it’s hard to grow the club with a small fanbase. I think Martinez is a decent manager though and I`d have liked him to have come to Villa in the summer over some of the other names banded about.
5. Big ‘Eck’s favourite a 1-1 draw
6. Somewhere between 8th and 14th, I`ll go with 10th
7. Probably 13th

Colney Villa
1. 30 odd years
2. Shay Given
3. Rodallega but I think Moses has great potential
4. Done very well to stay in top flight for so long
5. Think prob 1-0 Villa but hope for more goals
6. 8th
7. 16-18th

1/ 40 plus years that I can remember
2/ Given
3/ Rodallega
4/ A team that I like to see stay up
5/ 2-0 Villa, fingers crossed
6/ hopefully top 10 around 8th depending on how things settle at VP in yet another transition
7/ will stay up bottom half finish

Thanks very much for the frank answers, possibly one or two tongue in cheek, well hopefully, especially the Emile Heskey one as our best player! Anyway thanks again and enjoy your tonking on Saturday!

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