Date: 1st September 2009 at 5:52pm
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Whiklst we have probably the biggest squad since our elevation to the Premeir League questions have to be asked about the quality and experience within the squad compared to last season

First area of concern is around the keepers. Whilst the three incumbents are the same as last season, Kirklands recurring back spasms and Politt’s age and uncertainty under crosses means that potentially Kingson is seen as the potential cahllenger to Kirkland’s mantle.

Kingson, who must be the smallest keeper in the Premeir League is no where near good enough if we are to remain in the P.L.


Need Kirkland to remain fit.


The one area i’m happy with,three quality centre backs in Boyce, Scharner and Bramble the latter two being players of the season for the last two years.
Left back is well covered with Edman as support for Figueroa whilst another right back would be great there is always Boyce to fit in if required.
Only Amaya has been brought into to strengthen the defnece but its a big step up from the Spanishs econd division and he didnt show anything at Blackpool to indicate he can make that jump.


The backbone of the team is secure.


The lack of a replacement for Valencia is a cause for concern. Koumas, Kapo and De Ridder don’t give me confidence in their ability to steop up to the plate, although Koumas seems to have improved when given the chance by Martinez.

N’Zogbia has the class but needs protection form his centre midfielders for him to produce the goods on a regular basis something he has yet to do.


Weak on one wing, heavily reliant on N’Zogbia remaining fit and in form.

Centre Midfield

Denuded since last season wirth the loss of the most underrated midfield pairign in the Premier League in Cattermole and Palacios. Add the loss of Brown the most experienced midfielder in terms of Premeir League games (excluding Scharner) is Hendry Thomas with four.

The other new signings Diame and Gomez look out of their depth and whilst Thomas shows promise he needs an experienced head alongside him sonething we don’t have.


Replacing Catt and Palacios with a second division Spanish league player plus a La Liga reserve just isn’t going to work. The solution of trying to sign yet another Swansea player didn’t come to fruition.


A real area of concern since we came intot he Premeir League. last season we had Heskey replaced by Mido , Zakia nd Rodellaga. This seaosnw e have the raw potential of Hugo,and the aged and unproven King and Scotland.

With the club reportedly pulling the plug on at least one experienced striker due to wage demands,we find ourselves with only one quality striker and resorting to playing a centre half as a sole forward at Everton.


Only Middlesboro failed to score as few goals as us last season and it will eb difficult to beat that 34 with only Rodellaga unless the midfielders, none of whom have a record of being prolific at this level chip in .

Overall Conclusion

A lot is goping to rely on the back four to keep clean sheets and hope that Scharner , Gomez and N’Zogbia can chip in with goals to keep us in the pack, until hopefully the January transfer window enables us to bring in some quality.


21 Replies to “Latics squad lacks experience and quality?”

  • we cant keep clean sheets with the keepers we have got, just look at the goals we have conceded so far, its not the back four its the midfield loosing the ball, and we wont score enough goals, scotland is not good enough to slow.

  • I’d put Charlie on the left and Sinclair on the right with Hugo down the middle, got to have a go at teams with the pace that those three bring

  • Sinclair looks to me just as dangerous running at people as Valencia. I don’t think he’s as good defensively as LAV. But going forward he’s got explosive speed.

  • sinclair has no vision and runs with his head down..see Everton and Blackpool. Up until now he has only been on loan at Championship clubs so hasn’t the pedigree/experience at this level

  • I know I’ll get criticised, but this article epitomises everything I dislike about Vital Wigan. There’s just so much negitivity. Fair enough we played badly against Wolves and the reserves lost at Blackpool, but we matched Man Utd for 60 mins and should have got something from the Everton game. Lay off the doom and gloom for a while and let’s just let the new players bed in.

  • I know I’ll get criticised, but this article epitomises everything I dislike about Vital Wigan. There’s just so much negitivity. Fair enough we played badly against Wolves and the reserves lost at Blackpool, but we matched Man Utd for 60 mins and should have got something from the Everton game. Lay off the doom and gloom for a while and let’s just let the new players bed in.

  • I’m not saying I disagree with it all, as if Kirkland and Rodellaga get injured I think we will struggle, bit I think it’s unfair to say things like “Diame and Gomez look out of their depth” is jumping the gun a bit. I’d just rather people got behind the team rather than constant criticism.

  • again we welcome your opinons, have to say taking a quick look around other latics sitrs these views aren’t out of kilter with theirs

  • all the latics forums have postiive and negative comments and threads, that as human nature and fine.

    Ours is no more negative than any other. Worbo and Rob two of our moderators are the most positive people you will meet and this is reflected in their posts.

    Me i’m a bit more cynical and what I have been told today supports my views

  • Hi PKB take a look at this if you want one of many positive articles that are published on Vtal Wigan by me the site editor…I trawl aroundall the Latics fans sites because I am sad but one thing I notice on EVERY forum is a large amount of concern and negativity from lots of supporters, now I dont share this, I think we will be fine, though I am disappointed that we havent signed a forward to day, but hey, we’ll get over it, but how you can say that doesnt have negative posts like ALL sites is beyond me…there is a large swell of concern, again I stress I am not one, but there are large numbers of supporters who use lots of different sites worried about what the season will bring, these sites and forums are places for fans to get their thoughts out and to discuss and debate different opinions, I am quite pleased that there are those who have an opposite view to myself, it makes me stop and think and analyse and not just follow blindly, but I still believe we will be fine, we have the best manager for the job, a good team of players and are trying to play football the way it should be played, just wished we had brought another striker in today.

  • Plus you have pointed to just one article on wiganer, which I think is a good site and I aint knocking it, but go on the forum, there are a multitude of posts slaming the club, the chairman, the manager, just like all the other sites….because people dont share our positive outlook doesnt mean they are wrong, though they are 😉

  • I don’t disagree – can be as negative as any other. Latics fans will always be negative, it’s in our nature, but I just think it’s a little early to be writing articles such as the one above. If we’re bottom of the leage by Christmas then fair enough, but we’re only four games into the season and we’ve played three of the top six teams. I just think sites like Vital Wigan have an opportunity to step away from the negativity and help create a good feeling about the club – afterall we got the manager we wanted, we should start to see some decent football at last and we’re on a sound financial footing.

  • All contributions are very welcome PKB and if you want to write an article I will publish it in your name, you can contact me via or use any of the links above, I feel it is very important to have voices from all sections of supporters, though I do follow the line of first to praise last to criticise and try to spread the gospel of Wigan Athletic far and wide but this site isnt about me it is a collective and a mouthpiece for all whether praising or critical all are worth listening to….write an article like I say and put your views forward and I will publish it for you

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