Date: 15th January 2010 at 10:41am
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Wigan Athletic travel to Molineux on Saturday to meet Wolverhampton Wanderers in the Premier League, in the build up to the game Vital Latics (worbo) met up with Vital Wolves (Akela) for a bit of a chat about the game, the weather and football in general, lets see how it went:

worbo – First off Happy New Year, I hope all is well with you, did you have a good festive period? We got snowed in and the temperature doesn`t seem to have risen above freezing for the past four weeks!

Akela -Yes thanks and a Happy New Year to all on your website, we had the traditional Christmas of too much food, too much drink and too much family!

worbo – Back in August you came to the DW Stadium full of early season optimism and promise, you beat us 1-0 with an Andy Keogh goal, I thought you would have gone on to have a good season and hovered around mid-table but like us you are just one point outside the bottom three, as life back in the Premier League been what you expected or a little tougher?

Akela -Predictably unpredictable, we’ve lost games we felt we should have won and we`ve won games that we expected to lose. Overall though I`m happy with how the season has gone, there is of course only one aim this year and that’s to survive so as long we are still in touching distance come Easter I`ll be happy.

worbo – I mentioned Andy Keogh previously and he has always impressed me when I have seen him play, he has a good touch and good vision, but I see he hasn`t played too many games for you this season, has he been injured or just left out? Also which of your players have adapted the best to life in the top league?

Akela -Keogh hasn’t played since November as he has an ankle injury.

Our best player this season has to be Kevin Doyle. I always go for the player who has made the biggest impact and his goals for me have done that. He had a lot of pressure thrown on his shoulders with the large transfer fee paid in the summer and so far he has been worth every penny.

worbo – How is Mick McCarthy doing? The last time he was in the Premier League with Sunderland he had a torrid time but he kept a smile on his face even though the fans turned on him, is he coping well with the stress and are the fans behind him?

Akela -Generally we are yes, there was a period after the Birmingham game that many were calling for his head, but results picked up and that was all forgotten!

worbo – Talking of big Mick, I was very vociferous when he made the changes to your side for the game at Old Trafford, I always feel that what ever the competition, league or cup, the club should put out its best eleven, maybe I am a bit old fashioned with this view but I feel it is disrespectful to the competition, the other teams in the competition but most importantly I feel it is disrespectful to the fans who follow the club and want to see them compete at the top level, what are your thoughts on this?

Akela -My immediate reaction was anger towards the decision. I thought it showed no respect towards the many fans who had paid good money to travel and get a ticket. But once that had died away I think there was a massive over reaction to the decision by the media which whipped up a bit of a storm in a tea cup.

We didn’t play our under 18’s we played squad players, all of whom (except one who had been on loan) had already played a part in our Premier League campaign and all will continue to do so.

The win against Burnley vindicated Mick’s decision.

worbo – To me Wolves are a club that should thrive in the Premier League, you have a great fan base and some very good players in your team, I believe you will stay up this season and grow stronger for the experience but it will be important for you to bring in some quality in the summer, what are your thoughts on the Latics?

Akela -I’m not going to be very popular here! I think you are a Championship side punching above your weight in the Premier League.

A rich owner and TV money has enabled you to establish yourselves in the Premier League and good on you for taking advantage of the current situation. But if the time comes and clubs fall back to their natural level, I`ll expect to see you in the second or third tier! Sorry!

worbo – I think we will surprise you on Saturday, you probably look at this fixture as one you can/will win and hopefully be a little complacent, if Martinez can get the Latics to play I see us dominating possession and coming away with a 2-0 win, what`s your prediction?

Akela – I’m not sure I`ve gone into many games optimistic or risking complacency! When I`m confident we generally lose so I`ve given up predicting this season and after my previous answer it’s probably best if I make a quick exit…

Ah ha, good to speak to you Akela, and good luck for the rest of the season, after Saturday of course.

I answered a round of questions for Akela and the article is now published over on Vital Wolves and can be accessed by clicking here

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