Date: 7th April 2008 at 11:17am
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Latics Speyk Vital Fantasy League manager Mark Holmes consolidates his position at the top of the league this week, the Liverpool based, Lancaster born, Latics fan is enjoying life at the top of the pile as we are entering the final stages of the season

Scullys Scoobys and their manager Springfields own Dave ‘the blindman` Scully are keeping the pressure on in 2nd spot

Inter Mi Lager are creeping up in 3rd with manager Great Left Peg commenting “its not over till its over” at a recent get together.

Number 6 what are you doing!

The bottom spot was reserved for baskerville who at the moment is in 32nd spot and I believe suffering from vertigo!

This seasons under achievers must be worbos Gidlow Latics who find themselves trundling along in 12th whilst the over achievers are undoubtedly Balmain Tigers under the leadership of Sprayzen so how are they in 11th? Wonders never cease.

Here are the latest standings:

1 Holmesy
Holmesy 1193

2 scullys scoobys
scooby 1146

3 Inter Mi lager
great left peg 1090

4 purpleheadedwarriors
Rich G 1045

5 X42
Jeneen Mullan 1043

6 Gazumps
G Leyland 1032

7 westleigh latics
Pauldan 994

8 Skem Latics
Latics fan in Skem 991

9 Wiganers
John Wilcock 987

10 Mighty Latics
Queen B 979

11 Balmain Tigers
Sprayzen 974

12 Gidlow Latics
worbo 965

13 Norfolk & Chance FC
Adam Gross 964

kumas 950

15 Pennines Dark Side
Yorkshire Tic 947

16 DJ Livesey’s 11
Sean Livesey 943

17 aids fc
maramsde 933

18 All Star Wigan
Simon Humphreys 908

19 Robins Reliant
Mr McKay 905

20 Come on you Latics!
J_Mo 901

21 Monkeybutlers
Matt Thorn 880

22 Premier Hot Shots
The aNIALLator 856

Adam Williams 847

24 Trogdor FC
NZLatic 841

25 Spurs-Curry Utd.
Dean Curry 827

26 PSV Hangover
Crazy Chick 810


28 skem united
f1ozzywafc 773

29 nicols latics
Nicol467 758

30 Wigan Ultra Sur
A.moaniho 748

31 hindley hitters
myles 746

32 baskerville f.c.
baskerville 742

33 GroovRdrs’ XI
GroovRdr 734

34 Explodder
Powerful Pierre 703

35 shaz’s stars
shaz 680

36 hindly town
mr.crusham 642

37 Jewell’s Jokers
number6 604

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