Date: 23rd October 2007 at 9:23am
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The Latics Speyk Vital Fantasy League has a new leader

Following the kiss of death interview with Jeneen Mullan, her team X42 slip to 2nd in the standings with Mark Holmes and his team Holmsey taking over at the top of the Latics Speyk mini league

Mark is 6 in front of X42 and 19 points clear of 3rd place which is held by Scooby and his team Scullys Scoobys

Arriving from nowhere it seems is John Wilcock and his team Wiganers who have just appeared in fourth, have you been flying under the radar John?

The big movers this week are in the top half of mid table with the ones to watch Crazy Chick and her PSV Hangover side and J_MO with his Come on you Latics!

These two could soon be challenging at the top

For those who haven`t entered yet its still not too late, follow links at the bottom and get involved there are manager of the month prizes to be won

Lets take a look at this weeks positions:

1 Holmesy
Holmesy 319

2 X42
Jeneen Mullan 313
3 scullys scoobys
scooby 300

4 Wiganers
John Wilcock 288
5 Gazumps
G Leyland 285

6 Inter Mi lager
great left peg 280
7 All Star Wigan
Simon Humphreys 277

8 nicols latics
Nicol467 276
9 purpleheadedwarriors
Rich G 261
10 Pennines Dark Side
Yorkshire Tic 259
11 Skem Latics
Latics fan in Skem 249

12 Wigan Ultra Sur
A.moaniho 242
13 Robins Reliant
Mr McKay 233

14 PSV Hangover
Crazy Chick 232
15 Come on you Latics!
J_Mo 230

16 Norfolk & Chance FC
Adam Gross 227
17 Mighty Latics
Queen B 226

18 westleigh latics
Pauldan 222
19 skem united
f1ozzywafc 221

20 GroovRdrs’ XI
GroovRdr 217
21 DJ Livesey’s 11
Sean Livesey 216

22 Spurs-Curry Utd.
Dean Curry 214
23 Monkeybutlers
Matt Thorn 212

24 Gidlow Latics
worbo 208
25 Premier Hot Shots
The aNIALLator 206

26 hindley hitters
myles 204
27 Trogdor FC
NZLatic 202

29 shaz’s stars
shaz 197

30 aids fc
maramsde 196
31 Balmain Tigers
Sprayzen 191

32 baskerville f.c.
baskerville 184
kumas 182

Adam Williams 168
35 Explodder
Powerful Pierre 159

36 Jewell’s Jokers
number6 141
37 hindly town
mr.crusham 94

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