Date: 28th January 2010 at 5:26pm
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Wigan Athletic fan and Vital Latics member centrelink1 would like to make a point, over to you centrelink1:

I know why we are so inconsistent…

A lot has been made of Wigan`s up and down form. We have had some ecstatic highs and some treacherous lows… but for all the changes in players and staff, there is no explanation for the occurrence.

Equally surprising, however, is the mood of the fans. It seems that we are all happy with Bobby when we win, but he is the devil when we lose. I would estimate that after every single loss this season, at least one thread on Vital Wigan has been made suggesting Bobby should be sacked. These ridiculous mood swings almost mirror the team`s performances.

All fans need to get some perspective… If we lose a match, it isn`t the end of the world. It really isn`t. The latest loss at Blackburn didn`t even create a situation of consecutive losses, nor did the Wolves loss early in the season.

Take the highs with the lows, this season we have had a come from behind win, which we never enjoyed under Bruce. We came back from being down at half time, which we hadn`t enjoyed since 2003, and we beat a big 4 team, something that has never happened in the clubs history. Sure, we have had some torrid losses that I won`t mention, but hey, if you`re going to concede goals, it`s better to concede them all in one hit, right?

When we are on top of our game, we are awesome.

The games against Chelsea and Manchester City are probably two of the best performances we as fans could ever hope for. We outplayed both of these teams! But for whatever reason, fans of our club rode these respective highs all the way until the next loss, but then Bobby was at fault again.

“Our defence is a joke”, right? The defenders are terrible and not Premier League standard?

Personally I disagree; I think our heavy defeats were the result of awful match ups that we couldn`t avoid, but we are working on the back four. What are we supposed to do? What is Martinez supposed to do? He had no way of improving the defence until now. We have brought two defenders in during the current transfer window.

Steve Bruce, for all his defensive know-how still saw his team killed by Chelsea, in a game that was as bad as our infamous performance, if not worse. The result wasn`t as bad, but God only knows how.

In the scheme of things, heavy losses aren`t the end of the world. Only one of our heavy losses was a game we should have won, and goal difference is poor all around the league.

In conclusion, life isn`t that bad in camp Wigan. There are plenty of teams worse off than us, and our fans seriously need to learn to take the highs with the lows. It`s just crazy to be up and down every week, and then abusing the players for doing the same.

At the moment we need half of the egotistical players in our team for the sake of survival, which will come. When Martinez can mould a team in his image, that generally wants to play for us, we will be fine.

So calm down. We are not the only team that shows poor performances. We are better off than a good many teams down the bottom. Our fans need to bite their fingers and stop whining about every little thing that goes wrong. No team plays brilliantly week in week out. All teams screw up transfers occasionally. Sure, you can point to things, positive and negative that other teams don`t go through. There are 3 teams that haven`t lost as heavily as us that are in the relegation places. Lets put things into perspective.

by centrelink1

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