Date: 22nd June 2008 at 1:09pm
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The Euro has certainly taken a few twists within days and with the dramatic exit of the Holland squad last night to Russia, whose going to win this year’s Euro? Where the Euro is concerned, there’s no such thing as smart money, that’s why I’m saving mine and not making a bet of any type.

In the standings, John O Broin is rather cruising with his side and looks set to win the Fantasy League but there’s still time and as with the Euro, the fantasy can also bring up a few surprises of its own.

Poor old Rob is 19th in the table but the good news is there’s still time to rectify it and overall, its been a disappointing campaign for him but be warned, he’ll come back strong for the 08-90 campaign.

Worbo also has a fairly healthy lead over his rival baskerville but I’m sure that there will be plenty of things to be said about that and more twists and turns to come there.

The Euro is all set for a dramatic finale and may the best team win (that’ll be me – just kidding.)

Current Standings:

1. BetterThanThou (John O Broin) 213
2. Come On The Latics (Jonathan Moffat) 182
3. DonBoscoFC (Zeeshan Ali) 181
4. All Star Wigan (Si Humphreys) 177
5. Union Flag 11 (Raiyan Wasi) 177
6. Sporting Rangers (Mohamud Salaad) 175
7. Sprayzens Euro11 (Phil Mangan) 173
8. Marco’s Magic (Marco Porcelli) 171
9. bob es tu tio (Martin Nugent) 163
10. Forza Palmeiras (E.E. Murphy) 156
11. Portugaal (Hmz Hsn) 155
12. MAYAN’S DEVILS XI (Nayan Kubasaddougar) 149
13. fatal11 (punit srivastava) 146
14. mutter ficker (damian harris) 144
15. Eurostars (Rizwan Ali) 144
16. Too Kool For School (Cristiano BHiM) 143
17. Butchs Big Lads (Martin Blakeley) 140
18. Gadsdonia (Andrew Gadsdon) 133
19. RM United (Rob McKay – COME ON!!!) 132
20. chorley FM (andrew howarth) 129
21. wafc 08/09 (Les Crawford) 123
22. worbo’s Euro Wonders (Barry Worthington) 121
23. Pimp My Side III (Ryan Barlow) 120
24. Aamir’s All Stars (Aamir Sajad) 113
25. DONT WATCH US (Alfie Brett) 112
26. Sarah Latics (Sarah Morris) 106
27. UEFA AllStars (Joe Williams) 105
28. baskerville f.c. (Peter Walker) 104
29. Pratik XI (Pratik R) 99
30. TLOZ United (G Lavery) 98
31. FC Saipa (Pooyan Azari) 85
32. Pie Mans super 11 (Richard Buckley) 81
33. Mr.khaled team (khaled hamdy) 79