Date: 20th August 2009 at 8:53am
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With the Wigan Athletic Vs Manchester United game just two days away Vital Latics regular fazman takes a look at our opponents for this Saturdays game at the DW Stadium and give us his satirical view of the club he terms Corporation United, over to you fazman:

They`re either from Belfast, Dublin, London or Wigan.
They`re always massive fans but have never been to a game.
They watch on Sky TV.
They think the Premier League is the be all and end all!
They support a European super league.
Yes you`re right that`s a perfect description of a fan of Corporation United, otherwise known as Man Yoo!

If there was one team in the whole country that I could honestly say I wouldn`t have any feelings of pity for if they went out of business it would be that team from the so called “theatre of dreams”. The team I`m speaking about if you don`t know is Manchester United, the team admired by most, but for me the team that took this great sport from the working class and turned it into a Business for the middle class.

Don`t get me wrong its great seeing the best players in the world come to our “little” stadium but when you know that they are funded by near unmanageable debt I can`t help but feel a little sick. That`s why since the American takeover they have been known to me as Corporation United.

Now before you say it`d be good to have the money I`m one of the first to complain about Wigans commercial activities being under par but it`s a fine line between sport and business and what United have turned football into it isn`t a sport anymore it`s a hostile corporate takeover. With the big boy United stepping into Wigan and making it impossible for Wigan to succeed. Something Whelan knows all about from his days at JJB.

You see when we first came up to the Prem all I wanted to do was beat Manchester United but thanks to dodgy reffing decisions, biased media reporting and bad management decisions we`ve always lost. Now when you look at those decisions a bit closer you realise that they are born by pressure and power.

Look at us at the end of last season Valencia goes through 1 on 1 with van der Saar but instead of smashing the ball in the back of the net he passes the ball straight into his arms, fast forward 3 months and Valencia signs for United and what does he say??”I knew I was coming to United in January” now if that doesn`t have a influence on him scoring or not I don`t know what does. And what is that decision born out of? Money and Power, he knew if he`d of scored and stopped them winning the title he wouldn`t be given his chance under Fergie.

Go back 12 months previous and we are nil-nil , then what happens, Koumas is denied a clear penalty, Rooney`s given a penalty which at best could be considered 50/50, then to top it off as we are chasing, Scholes commits a cynical foul which at best is a yellow if not a red seeing as he is last man and no one is catching Palacios, what does Bennett do? Warn him instead of giving him a second yellow! Why? Because he knows that if he does Fergies going to make his life a living hell and he might as well quit there and then.

Last season I saw one game with United that was reffed fair and down the line and that was the Fulham game and what happened there? Fulham won. Uniteds refereeing decisions must be worth 10-15 points a season giving them a top 4 place and keeping them in business.

Coming up to this weekend we look like we are going to have the best chance of beating United since we joined the Prem, the game has nothing riding on it, we start strong they tend to start weak, and they have a seriously depleted squad especially in the centre of defence. However you watch what happens in the media this week.

We will see Fergie come out and point out about Thomas and Brown being physical and that the ref should be making sure that United can play the beautiful game without being bullied. Some people will think this is fair and its just mind games but when Martinez and Wigan don`t hold the same sway and no ref cares if he upsets us then its unfair and shouldn`t be allowed. This summer all clubs and managers signed a deal that they wouldn`t speak about refs before or after the games. I`m sure United wont stick to it.

You see Wigan will always find it difficult to get a impartial game against any so called big side but when the premier league and the refs know that if United don`t finish in the top 4 they are going to go bust you cant help but think it gives them an extra edge.

You might read this and think that I`m whinging but I`d love to see a Wigan win on Saturday and watch the so called fans of Corporation United disappear like rats deserting a sinking ship. Especially as it seems all these United fans (if you can call them fans when the closest they`ve been to Old Trafford is a shirt and the Trafford centre) follow Wigan Rugby.

Actually as I finish this I think I`ve realised that I`m not saying that I hate United and all they stand for, in fact in all honesty I`m probably a bit jealous. This is more that I`m saying I hate these so called fans who think that United should be treated this way, that have never been a game but are lifelong fans because there dad was born in Manchester or that Georgie Best/Ronaldo played for them, they wear those red shirts round town after they`ve won a game but disappear after they`ve lost and worst of all, all seem to support the Lodgers.

Wait a minute, its not United and there mega debts I hate.

I`ve realised what I`m saying, I`m saying??I HATE WIGAN RUGBY!

by fazman

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