Date: 25th November 2014 at 1:36pm
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Let’s put aside the last couple of weeks and look to getting back to normality on here and discussing how good or bad MacKay is as a manager

Vital Latics very own loudmouthblue (LMB) asks is it now time to put the recent fallouts behind us and get back to some football chat?

Over to you LMB:

As we have all probably noticed there has been a significant increase in people registering on Vital Latics over the past couple of weeks to have their say on the MacKay/ Whelan racism row, I have deliberately left out the homophobic and sexist elements of the whole debate as this part seems to have become secondary to the racism issue, including in the media.

Some came to spout extremist views not shared by ordinary decent fair minded posters, others came to legitimately make a case that much of what has gone on as been a storm in a teacup, also some came to castigate long standing honourable posters and cast accusations of hypocrisy because this whole issue has not and still doesn’t rest easy with their moderate views on racism.

This whole subject needed discussion it was not something that could just be ignored, my own personal opinion was firmly behind the people who thought that MacKay`s appointment was a badly judged act by DW, his subsequent comments, for me, also showed his lack of understanding of how hurtful to some people casual stereotypical remarks like Mr Whelan made can be, hence the furore that erupted from this, I also firmly believe that DW is no racist and did not intend to offend anyone with what he said, but we must accept that he did so.

As for my position regarding MacKay, now I have had time to think about what he has done and having learned a little more about deeper issues within the whole saga that will become public in the future and that this is the main reason why the FA have taken so long to do deal with MacKay, I now understand why Dave Whelan thought there would be no further FA action.

For me MacKay is guilty of being very stupid, even na├»ve in what he has done, I do believe that this ‘lads culture` with smutty comments and racist analogies exists without the perpetrators even realising that their actions offend others, don’t get me wrong , many do hold deep seated racist views and use every opportunity to share those nasty views, but for most the venture into latent racist/ homophobic/sexist banter is seen as trivial and ok between friends, the worst offenders in this are those that don’t stand up against it and I am as culpable as the next person for that weakness, I also now believe that this is the group MacKay falls into, we all need to do more to eradicate this culture as it is not acceptable in a modern multi racial non discriminating society.

Malky MacKay has been a victim of his own stupidity, but I do also believe that the powers that be at Cardiff City Football Club would have somehow overlooked his transgression had an unfair dismissal case not been launched against them by MacKay and none of this would ever have become public knowledge, now that is true hypocrisy.

Can I also publicly ask those that have more passionate feelings than I have on this issue, and have stated that they object to MacKay in such a way that they refuse to attend any future games while he is in charge to please reconsider that pledge, as I have stated elsewhere this club belongs to us the fans not the current owner nor his appointed manager, please try and see this from how I view it, I fully understand if you don’t agree and consider what I have said is a lame defence of the indefensible, but my concern is with all of you and it doesn’t sit easy with many of us that you are excluded from the WAFC family.

Lastly now I have come down off my soapbox can I get back to the main reason for this long winded diatribe of mine, as I said we have had an influx of many new posters, I hope that that they are going to stay and get involved in the normal day to day running of this board, have your say, argue your corner and speak your mind, we bicker, at times strongly disagree with others outlook, we can also be extremely rude to one another, but that is family life and why this board is so successful in general, let’s put aside the last couple of weeks and look to getting back to normality on here and discussing how good or bad MacKay is as a manager not as a master of diplomacy which we all now know without any shadow of a doubt he is pretty crap at.



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