Date: 11th April 2009 at 6:53pm
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Wigan Athletic Vs Arsenal

Michael Brown sends a long ball through the Arsenal midfield, Wigan Athletic winger Antonio Valencia and Arsenal defender Gibbs race for the ball, Valencia streaks in front of Gibbs and reaches the edge of the area through on goal, Gibbs grabs out and tugs Valencia to the ground, clear foul.

Gibbs was the last defender and Valencia was bearing down on the ball with a clear effort on goal with only the keeper to beat, as the rules dictate a straight red.

But hey, this is Alan Wiley, and its Wigan Vs Arsenal so out pops a yellow.


Sending-off Offences

A player, substitute or substituted player is sent off if he commits any of the following seven offences:

? serious foul play

? violent conduct

? spitting at an opponent or any other person

? denying the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by deliberately handling the ball (this does not apply to a goalkeeper within his own penalty area)

? denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity to an opponent moving towards the player`s goal by an offence punishable by a free kick or a penalty kick

? using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures

? receiving a second caution in the same match.

Latics boss questioned referee Wiley as to why under rule 12 he didn`t send Gibbs off, this is what Bruce said:

‘The referee said that Antonio (Valencia) was not in full control of the situation and therefore did not show the red card. In other words, he wasn’t getting the ball first.

‘He’s one of the fastest out there and he had a two-yard head-start on the ‘keeper, so there was only going to be one winner, and for that I can’t agree with his decision.”

Clearly a red card and Wiley made an erroneous decision, strangely enough Wiley has only sent two players off this season, Vidic for Manchester United against Liverpool the other week and our own Antonio Valencia against Liverpool earlier this season and he got that one wrong as well

Latics Speyk Podcast 8 – The Arsenal Preview

Vital Latics are pleased to announce that the latest podcast ‘The Arsenal Preview` is now available for downloading and as usual features conversation and music.

This episode looks forward to the Arsenal game this weekend and features an interview with life long Gooner Tim Stillman of Vital Arsenal fame, now Tim will be travelling up to the JJB this weekend for the big game and he sounds a little nervous as to what the result might be.

Also on this episode the Latics Speyk studio hit the road and met with far away Latics fan Kent who hails from Norway, we met up with Kent in a town centre bar and fired 10 quick questions at him then just had a general chat about the Latics, Norway, Paul Scharner and Denmark

Now to say that the Norwegians and Danes don`t get along is an understatement and Kent`s description of Denmark is very funny and not to be missed (about 18 mins in)

The music featured on this episode has a distinctive soul flavour, now Tim told me that he is a big soul man and he has in his CD collection down in South East London quite a few soul albums and he says he is a big Northern Soul fan, so Al Wilson, Tony Clarke, Marvin Gaye all feature and we end with a wonderful track by The Tams called ‘There Aint Nothing Like Shagging`, no there aint.

I hope you enjoy and if you wish to feature on any future podcasts please get in touch here on Vital Wigan, till the next time, keep on truckin`

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