Date: 6th April 2009 at 6:08pm
Written by:

Alan Hansen, pundit for the New Football Pools says Amr Zaki`s sheer lack of professionalism is ‘crazy`

‘The situation with Amr Zaki at Wigan is a crazy one and what Steve Bruce has publicly stated is completely correct. Steve has shown in the past that he will bend over backwards for his players but if the guy is going to consistently fail to turn up after international duty then enough is enough.

If Steve hadn`t spoken out against the unprofessionalism of Zaki then he risked a lack of respect from his players. There can`t be one rule for one and one for another so the manager has definitely done the right thing in my view. If he turned a blind eye then other players may have started to question Steve`s authority and you can`t have that.

The decision was probably easier for Steve as the Egyptian hasn`t been in the best of form since a blistering start to the season. I was really impressed with his performances at the start of the campaign including his work-rate as he led the scoring charts. However, the lad hasn`t even scored in 2009 so for him to treat the club paying his wages with such disrespect is shocking really. Zaki has been linked with numerous moves to other clubs such as Liverpool, Newcastle, Tottenham and even Real Madrid but some of those potential suitors may not be so keen after Steve`s comments and rightly so. He is supposed to be a professional footballer and is paid well to do so. Whether he is only going to remain at the JJB until the end of the season or longer, he should still show Wigan football club and his manager some respect for giving him a chance in a top league in the the first place.

Steve has done a great job for Wigan and he has shown he`s not a man to be messed with. Zaki may live to regret what can be only seen as a sheer lack of professionalism on his part.’

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