Date: 31st October 2015 at 1:14pm
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Paul Thorp takes a look at why Grant Holt may have been allowed to move to Wolves on loan, just when he was looking very promising in his Latics kit:

So Mr Holt has once again gone out on loan. Supporters appear to be divided in whether this is a good idea or not. Time will tell, but it’s easy to see why they’ve done it.

The one thing which I think we can all agree on is that he’s back fit, he’s willing and he’s able to contribute to the side. The questions are then how has this loan come about and why. The loan move has only come about because 3 parties, namely Wigan Athletic, Wolves and Grant Holt Himself are all in agreement that it suits them. Any one of the 3 parties could have said no. None of them have.

So who started it, have the club been touting him out, has he been making noises to go, or did Wolves make a speculative phone call. Holt and Wigan Athletic have in the past, had no issues expressing a desire to work apart. Publicly at least, they’ve both said the exact opposite in recent times. It’s not exactly been a love-in, but it’s been far more harmonious than previously. So either he or the club have been secretly looking to get him a move or we just got a phone call from Wolves. I think the most likely is that Wolves phoned up and a move that was never considered before was suddenly on the table.

Who then has driven it? I can quite easily see a scenario whereby prior to a call from Wolves both Holt and Latics were happy to work together. It wasn’t the greatest of relationships, but it was perfectly acceptable, given both probably felt they had little alternative. In such a situation they both would tell us how happy they were. Once the green grass of Wolves was in view, the situation has changed. A move has to have suited both parties.

For Holt, it’s simply a way to remove the baggage of the last 2 seasons, start from scratch and jump up a level. From Wigan’s perspective, assuming there are no grudges borne from the last two seasons, it then has to be finance driven. Holt was signed by Owen Coyle at a point where Roberto’s players were disappearing in droves, we were both desperate for players and flush with Parachute money, Europa League Money and FA Cup winning money. He was the captain and top goalscorer from a premier league club, having led them to a mid table finish with player of the season performances. Make no mistake to attract him to a championship club will have taken significant amounts of wages. If wolves are paying his wages, we’re talking significant savings. These figures are from news reports, but to save 30K per week for 9 weeks puts you north of quarter of a million quid.

I’m guessing that a call has come in, and Caldwell has either been told finance dictates he’s going, or has been asked something along the lines of ‘exactly how much is he in your plans?’ Can you manage without him, because we could really use that cash elsewhere. I hope the Latics management have come to agreement that on balance, as happy as we would have been to keep him, we’re also happy that a loan move benefits the club overall.

As with anything football related, it’s really easy to pick apart and criticise decisions in the pub, after the event. Clearly whether this is a good or bad move is based what happens next with injuries and form, if both go our way it looks like a good deal. Clearly it’s financially beneficial, and you would expect we can manage with what we have left, so I can understand exactly why the club have gone for this. If injuries mount and it starts to look like a mistake, rather than have a crisis, you never know, it might just allow Ryan Jennings a run out.

Paul Thorp

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Unfortunately, due to a technical error (I don’t know what I am doing!) the final 15 minutes including the predictions haven’t been recorded, what’s that you say, ‘a blessing in disguise’!

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